The world's first

Mezcal liqueur 

hecho en mexico



Criollo de Oaxaca Maria is the first offering by Patrimonio de Torres. It is an artisanal mezcal liqueur that is crafted by close-knit communities in central Mexico. A collaboration from founder Stephen Torres and star bartender Julia Momose, it’s a versatile spirit that boasts a complex blend of cacao and spices, inspired by Stephen’s grandmother’s mole negro recipe. With espadin agave as its base, the result is a proprietary mix that has the characteristic smokiness of mezcal, with chocolaty, nutty notes that work well in a number of presentations. The Patrimonio de Torres team is committed to making the finest mezcal, using high-quality, natural, and regional ingredients. Agave industry veteran Isabella Mendoza and Oaxacan mezcaleros also bring their expertise in crafting a rich mezcal with robust flavor and a refined sensibility.